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Top 10 Best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India

Top 10 Best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India– The PCD Pharma market is estimated to be worth approximately USD 66 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15-20% in the coming years in India. Many young pharma professionals want to start their careers in that sector because the PCD Pharma Franchise Business offers lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter this industry with minimal investment and risk. Franchise partners’ overhead costs are substantially lower than those of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies because they do not have to invest in manufacturing, quality control, or R&D facilities. Here is the list of the Top 10 Best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India that are looking for aspiring individuals who want to enter this sector and contribute to improving the healthcare industry in our country. 

List of the Best PCD Pharma Companies in India 2024

PCD Pharma Franchise is a new-age business model in India that attracts many young pharma professionals to step into this industry. Franchise partners are granted exclusive rights to market and sell the company’s products in their designated geographical area, providing a competitive advantage and ensuring a steady stream of revenue, which is the main reason why they are looking for the Top 10 Best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India. So we make a list of these companies, where we mention the product list, quality protocols, regularity compliance, delivery system, and much more.

Psychotan Care Psychotan-Care-logonew

Psychoton Care is the leading PCD pharma franchise company in India that delivers exclusive rights to its franchise partners. The company is ISO-certified and has state-of-the-art production facilities, where it uses the latest computerized technologies to formulate medicines at affordable prices. With the help of its R&D team, the company regularly inspects new medicines with complete quality assurance. The company only deals in DCGI-approved drugs that are manufactured by following the GMP-WHO guidelines. Here is a list of the benefits that Psychotan Care offers to its franchise partners:

  • Unique right of sole distributorship
  • The broad list of promotional backup
  • Successful marketing strategies.

Swisshem Healthcare

swisschem healthcare

Siwsschem Healthcare is a well-known Pharma company that is appreciated by doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals as it provides high-end solutions to multiple diseases. It has the certification of an ISO that reflects the company’s intolerance regarding poor quality and unsafe products. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing units where it produces a wide range of medicines by following the GMP-WHO guidelines. Being a prominent PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India, Swisschem Healthcare provides numerous services to its franchise associates, like:

  •  On-time delivery
  • Containment-free packaging
  • Affordable prices
  • Full customer support

Human Biolife

human biolife

Human Biolife is the fastest-growing PCD pharma franchise company in India and is known for its diverse range of medicine and its quality. It has ISO certifications, which indicate the company follows international quality standards to make sure the medicines are of the highest quality and provide effective results. All the medicine lines of the company are approved by the DCGI and formulated by following the guidelines of GMP-WHO. The company is very proud of its quality control team and R&D experts, who work tirelessly to improve the medicines and make them of supreme quality. Here is the list of the medicines that Human Biolife offers to its franchise members:

  • Vaignal Wash
  • Dusting Powder
  • Eye drops
  • Respules
  • Nono shots

Erike Remedies

erika remedies

Erika Remedies is an ISO 9001:2015-certified PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India that provides a broad spectrum of pharma products with complete quality assurance. The company has the best plus point, which is its modern manufacturing units, where they follow the GMP-WHO guidelines to formulate the drugs. It has the best R&D team that helps the company meet the customer’s dynamic needs regularly. With the help of its franchise business model, many young pharma companies are making good revenues within their desired locations. The company maintains a patient-centric approach, making medicine to follow the healthcare demands of the country.

Yodley Lifesciences


Yodley Lifesciences is the best PCD Pharma franchise company in India, known for its supreme quality of medicines and their affordable prices. The company has sophisticated manufacturing units that are operated by highly qualified and skilled workers and follow the strict guidelines of ISO, WHO, and GMP certifications. Through its cutting-edge research and development department, this company regularly introduces high-demand medicine lines with complete quality assurance. The company also provides contamination-free packaging and on-time delivery of the products.

Medibyte Pharma


Medibyte is your go-to PCD pharma franchise company in India, excelling in gynecology, cardiac diabetes, and orthopedic medications. With monopoly rights for the PCD Pharma Franchise business, the company offers a diverse range of medicines at the best prices. Its extensive range includes tablets, capsules, injections, and soft gel capsules catering to various health concerns. With over 12+ years of experience and a network of 200+ associates nationwide, Medibyte is committed to delivering high-quality products and exceptional services.

Scott Morrison

scott morrison

Scott Morrison, a prominent PCD pharma company in India, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of medications for heart health, diabetes, and high blood pressure. With ISO certification, It prioritizes the prevention and management of heart-related and diabetic issues. As the leading PCD pharma franchise provider in India, they offer top-quality products and exceptional services to our partners and customers that include monopoly rights, high revenue, no work pressure, and much more.

Canbro Healthcare


Canbro Healthcare is a well-known pharma company that has a broad list of dermatology medicines that include anti-acne, anti-biotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and much more. The company is certified with an ISO-GMP-WHO certification, which shows the company follows all the international quality protocols to make its derma range safe and effective. With the help of its PCD Pharma Franchise business in India, the company is expanding the reach of its products and making them available in every part of the country. Here are the benefits that the company provides, including monopoly rights, promotional backup, high-profit margins, and much more.

Novalab Healthcare

novalab healthcare

Novalab Healthcare is known as a research-based pharma company that regularly introduces new products to its existing product list. The company is ISO certified and follows high-quality standards such as QA/QC, where they examine the products through different quality checks to ensure they will provide safe and effective results. With the help of its GMP-WHO-certified production units, the company is providing bulk production with complete quality assurance.  The company gives proper support to its franchise members so they can easily run their franchise business without any hurdles.

Arlak Biotech


Arlak Biotech is the leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company that provides a broad list of medicines, including tablets, capsules, injections, eye drops, and ointments, at the best rates. The company is ISO-certified and has some of the best international quality parameters to ensure the quality and safety of the medicines. With the help of its sophisticated production units, the company is capable of providing a high-quality pharma range that meets GMP-WHO standards. The company also provides contamination-free packaging and on-time delivery of orders.


Here we have listed the top 10 best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India that provide business opportunities to young pharma professionals so they can make their career in this sector and support the healthcare system of India. We also mention the characteristics and features of the companies so it will be helpful to you to choose the company as per your business requirements.