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Top Neuropsychiatry Companies in India

Best Neuro-psychiatric Pharmaceutical Companies in India List 2023

Here we have listed some of the Top Neuropsychiatry Companies in India. This list has been prepared after careful research and going through reviews from different platforms. Neuro companies have been differentiated on the basis of quality, services, features, the range offered, and benefits to their customers.

Psychotan Care


The trusted pharma company, Phychotan Care is emerging in the manufacturing, supplying, and marketing of a broad range of neuropsychiatry medicines with complete quality assurance. The company has ISO certification and is able to meet the need for neurology and psychiatric medicines all over the nation. Phychotan Care is offering services like third-party manufacturing and PCD Pharma franchises for neuropsychiatry products. This is the fastest-growing pharma company that has been regularly introducing DCGI-certified drug formulations that are produced under the quality measurements of QA/QC. Some of the GMP and WHO-certified neuro products are mentioned below:

  • Antidepressants
  • Antipsychotics
  • Mood stabilizers
  • Anxiolytics
  • Stimulants
  • Anti-epileptic



In the list of the top CNS pharma companies in India, we have the name Emocare. The company is highly dedicated and committed to delivering the top line of the CNS range, along with many other neuropsychiatry medicines. The company is ISO certified and integrated with world-class infrastructure, advanced tools, labs, technologies, and much more. The company covers the neuro range, which includes anti-epileptics, antispasmodics, anxiolytics, antidepressants, and so on. All of the products are produced efficiently under WHO and GMP certification. Exclusive Highlights of the Company:

  • The Schedule M manufacturing units
  • Great team of R&D
  • GMP-WHO certifications

Life Care Neuro

Lifecare Neuro

Lifecare Neuro is an ISO Certified pharma company that is managing the manufactruing and marketing of neuropsychiatry products at affordable prices. The company has its own manufactruing units and is planted in excise duty-free zones. This company is especially recognized for its best-quality neurology and psychiatric products available for third-party manufacturing services in India. With the help of highly skilled and knowledgeable experts, the company rule the neuropsychiatry market for the last 28  years. Points that must be highlighted:

  • The company is dealing in a broad range of neuro products
  • It has its own state of art Manufactruing units and is certified with GMP and WHO.
  • It provides complete support and services to its associates.

Eridanus Healthcare


Eridanus Healthcare is a dedicated Neuropsychiatry pharma company in India. The company is expanding the reach of its products by offering the third-party manufactruing and PCD pharma franchise business. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that serves a variety of neuropsychiatric products that includes Anti Depressants, Anti Epileptic, Anti Psychotics, Anti-Addiction, Antispasmodics, and much more. The company offers the following benefits:

  • Affordable Prices
  • Good Packaging
  • On-Time Delivery



In the list of the Top Neuropsychiatry companies in India, Somacare is the leading name as it provides the best quality neuro products for the last few years. The company has a good experience in neuro products and that factor makes it different from other neurology pharma companies. With the commitment to providing GMP and WHO-certified pharma products, the company is accomplished the goal of treating various types of mental health disorders. Some of the perks you will get after being associated with Somacare:

  • The company provides monopoly rights
  • Neuro range is certified with the DCGI certification
  • With deep research companies regularly introduce new neuro products



Servocare is a highly recognized pharma company for its innovative neuropsychiatry products. The company has its own production units that are installed with high-tech technologies and other vital resources to formulate the best effective medicine to treat mental health issues. Being an ISO-certified company the company is following all the international standards of quality to meet the customer requirements. With the help of GMP and WHO-certified production units company has the ability to deliver all types of medicines: tablets, capsules, syrup, and injections.

Zoic Life Sciences 

Zoic Logo

Zoic Lifescinces is owning ISO certification and is committed to providing the highest quality of neuropsychiatry products, and earned the trust and respect of the market. The policies of the company are designed carefully so that associated partners can conduct the business which is legally and run in an efficient manner.  The company has all the required certifications such as GMP, WHO, and DCGI.



Cardimind is the leading ISO-certified company that is dealing a broad range of neuropsychiatry products that are formulated under the guidelines of GMP and WHO. It has been working to improve society’s mental health by delivering highly-effective neuropsychiatry products. The company offers more than 350+ neuropsychiatry medicines at a reasonable price. It has its own manufacturing units, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology and produce innovative medicine with the help of a great team of R&D

Sanify Healthcare

sanify logo

With more than 20 years of experience, Sanify Healthcare is engaging itself in the manufactruing and marketing of the best quality pharma products that are used in the treatment of Mental illness. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified neuropsychiatry pharma company, the company has set the benchmark in providing quality-oriented neurology medicine. Being a recognized neuropsychiatry company, it ensures to carry the production process under WHO and GMP-certified units.

Pax Healthcare 


Pax Healthcare is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that is backed up by a strong network of distributors and pharma associates in India. The company has the best team of R&D who devotes their efforts to introducing innovative neurology drug formulations that match the standards of GMP and WHO.  For a successful business, the company offers multiple benefits to its franchise partners and pharma associates like monopoly rights, promotional tools, higher revenues, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top neuropsychiatry companies in India?

A: There are several top neuropsychiatry companies in India. Here are some notable ones: 

  1. Psychotan Care
  2. Emocare
  3. Lifecare Neuro
  4. Eridanus Healthcare
  5. Somacare
  6. Servocare
  7. Zoic Life Sciences
  8. Cardimind
  9. Sanify Healthcare
  10.  Pax Healthcare


Q: What services do these neuropsychiatry companies offer?

A: In India, some companies provide brain and mental health services. These things you can get might include:

  • Manufacturing and supplying medicines for mental and neurological disorders.
  • They are offering opportunities for people who want to start their own brain and mental health medicine business.
  • Creating new and better medicines for the brain through research and development.
  • Ensure our products meet the standards and rules set by WHO and GMP.
  • Helping doctors and nurses in the field of brain and mental health care


Q: How can I get in touch with these neuropsychiatry companies?

A: If you want to reach the best neuropsychiatry companies in India, you can contact them using the given contact information. These companies usually have phone numbers and email addresses for questions and business inquiries.


To manage your drug supply and demand, you might select any of the Indian neuropsychiatry companies indicated above. We have included these companies based on their GMP and WHO medical certifications, DCGI approval, prior performance, revenue return, market rates, ISO certification, and many other relevant qualities.